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Friday, August 14, 2015

A gift for someone special

P.S PICTURE heavy post

hello everyone
so heres my second explosion box
this one is very special as this has been made for my fiancee for his BIRTHDAY .As he was not here on his birthday and was scheduled to visit jammu in July and that was going to be our second meeting after engagement , i really want the gift to be very  special and what else can be special than a box cum album and a  handmade keychain  .Yes, the same keychain that i had blogged about in my last post.

This was made in july , cant post it then and now posting it on the day when our wedding  is exactly three months Away........... yes its due on 14th November.

Will not bore you all with my blabberings ............
Over to pics of my love explosion box.

The box within contains the keychain and the chocolates...........
This is how box looks , when closed

This is how box looks , when opened.  in the center , is a box for little goodies and is topped by a crystal ball

Love is in Air .............. quite reflective in panels . I used to hate hearts etc but as soon as cupid struck me ,i realised the meaning of hearts and love quotes .

various tags added for journaling . besides these , i have pasted few directly on panels as seen in above pics.
And heres the box with choclates and key chain

Monday, July 27, 2015

M-Seal Art

hello everyone

Ever since i saw M-Seal art, i wanna try it. But never got a chance . A year or two back, i bought a packet of M-Seal but it remained untouched in my stuff.
And finally an idea struck (As alwayz inspiration came from Pritesh) . As soon as i saw one of her keychain,I thought of making one for my fiance on his B'day.

Gogled about skill and techniques a nd here is my take on M-Seal and KeyChain :
The first one  :  Made the oval base and two  more smaller ovals . On one oval ,I engraved the letter K and merged the letter A with it ,as seen in the below pic .On the back attached  another oval and engraved a heart on it . Coloured the front and back side with pearl colours and attached the chain to it.

I was not happy with the end result. Since it was my first ever trial with M-Seal , it came out to be bit too thick and heavy as it has three  thick layers of M-Seal  and I wanna create another one .
And here comes another , happy with this one ............ the shape , the colour and size all are perfect for what i wished for ....
The second one

Instead of engraving letter K , I rolled M-Seal and tried to give embossed effect by pasting rolled M-Seal in K form on base . Here again , I merged A with it and it symbolises the first letters of our both names ........... K and A....  will soon be trying to create a logo for the same  ..
Along with this key chain , i made an explosion box that i'll blog about in next post.
Do leave your comments ..

PS: these are my source of inspiration . Please click on pics to find way to the super talented Pritesh's Facebook page

this is the Pritesh'S Keychain which inspired me
this is the Pritesh's Keychain which inspired me

and this is the one which inspires me for colour combination

promise broken

hi everyone
as i had promised in the beginning of year, i'll post every month but i wasnt able to do this ...........
made a card in february but posted in March and den did some craft but didnt take out  time for blogging ........... quite inactive on Blogland....

Well here are some quilled earrings and Bracelet that i made in month of April:

 the designs are old one . They are recreated for a special one

Sunday, March 1, 2015

A card for baby

hi friends!

February had been a very eventful month .Along with many events,  my bestie was  blessed with an angel .

This post is about a card I made for a beautiful couple who are blessed with a little baby girl .

Card is made in February but didnt hv time time to blog about it.....Still , happy that i atleast find time to craft . Made a gift tag too but i forgot to take a pic of it ...... Hope this year , i will be more creative and blessed .....

The base for the card is hand cut from the cardstock ..... pattern paper and baby embellishments are from Craftigenious....

the Teddy bear and heart embelishments are from ItsyBitsy......

Wishing the little angel lot of love, health and happiness throughout the life
Muaaaah baby

Tuesday, January 6, 2015

something to start new year with

hi friends
Happy new year!
Hope you all are having a blast!
As far as I m concerned , Had a wonderful start of new year ----------- a book to read and something to create ........... what else i will ask for .

This is what i came up in first week of 2015 ..............

I had been very lazy last year and has not created much.As new year begins and I finished reading Inferno , sat with all my craft supplies but alas lack of ideas ...........tried to make few earrings but then again ...... no ideas came.
Took refuge in Pinterest and found this pin
(Quilled flowers by Kreativno Vrijeme)
Something clicked and I started making this ....... the colour used in original was very good and soothing to eyes but dont wannna go with that so tried golden yelloW and bright yellow combination.... since tried quilling after a long time, the things dont turn up as expected , but a good start for 2015 and i hope this year to be more creative and fulfilling. Here are few close ups

will put up the framed pic also, once i get it framed...........
Check FB page---

P.S    I am excited for this one as Imade this with shivering hands in 7 to 8 degrees of temperature , in 13 hours ,spread across 2 days ie 5th and 6th january 2015 . I was so excited to share it with you all ,I hadnt even  waited for clicking a better picture and getting it framed.

Friday, October 3, 2014

September Fabbag

Hello friends

I think , i have started loving makeup and cosmetics now.Although have not started using but t getting very excited with the new products.  ;;)  
I am here again with a new Fabbag .Its anniversary month at Fabbag  and they are celebrating it by organizing many giveaways . Participated in few, but bad luck, didn't win any[-)

But, I am super duper happy about this month Fabbag and awesome goodies it is presenting.

The bag, this time, is in leoprd print --- really fabulous one.I absolutely adore this cute little bag.. :x
 This is what i got in all :
  •  Bellapiere Mineral Foundation 
  •  Skin Yoga Saffron and sandal Face Mask
  •  Sally Hansen Nail Growth Miracle with tool kit and a
  •  beautiful polka dotted scarf  and a FabPost magazine as a bonus.

Monday, September 22, 2014

a name plaque for a company

hello friends
going to share with you a quillography project , that was created somewhere in month of july but due to my lethargic attitude, i didnot find time to put it on blog although FB friends must had a sneak peak.
Well , this one is a name plaque for a company - owned by my favourite brother Vismit Magotra.
this is the original logo
I hope i am able to imitate the digital logo in quilled version.
Although i was very upset with him and had really decided not to talk with him , but his 5 minutes conversation with me in his usual self , makes me forget everything about being naraz and upset. I think thats what a real baby brother effect . love you bro a lot .............. Hope you get success in every field you venture into..

Not boring you people with my love hate feelings for my cutie pie brother, i continue with the details of project.
I had used the very basic quillography techniues here and since the logo contains 16 letters in total. i really have to beehive a lot. It took 36 +24 strips in total to make this logo and 14 hours of work . :)
here's a story of creating this nameplaque in pictures......

Tuesday, August 26, 2014

My August Fabbag

hello friends
was so excited to get my first Fabbag in july that I subscribed for 3 month subscription
and in series of that, I got my August FABBAG yesterday.

 In lovely orange bag, this month we have "All natural, All fab". it contains
  • Kronokare Caribbean Ginger Shower Gel & Lotion
  • Nyassa Hand Cream- Moroccan rose
  • Palladio Be Chic Lip Gloss-Chestnut
  • And a bonus -NYX Eye/Eyebrow Pencil-904 Caramel
Although I missed a free bie Meiji Amino Collagen Skin Glow, which according to FABBAg crew, got stocked out ......  :(

Tuesday, July 29, 2014


HELLO all!
For the first time ever , i am writing a post which is not related to craft  but a makeup kit.
well I am not a person who puts on lots of makeup and go to parlour every now and then .trust me i can survive without visiting parlour (which is just for threading eyebrows which are quite thick and bushy) for weeks together .... hehehe...

But somehow , I ended up ordering a FABBAG for july as somehow shopping relieves you of stress and tension for sometime.... yes . i was over stressed and tense and found a FABAB site and order my bag ........... donot know how much relaxed i felt after that but yes was able to have a sound sleep .

Since , I started quilling and blogging as a stress buster , anyother thing that has helped me in relieving stress for few hours only , deserves a place on my blog . This is what i got in my FABABG

A wonderful purple coloured bag , which came as handy in carrying things while travelling(tested that).... it can contain little bottle of perfume, a lipbalm, a comb, a small purse mirror, a sunscreen lotion  small pack, a tooth brush and small packet of tooth paste and little tit bits like wet tissues etc - enough for day trip to another city.
the contents in it are also fabulous  and are need specific as while creating a profile , the site asks you a lot many questions on your skin type , hair type and problem areas ....

Since my hair are oily and prone to breakage , i received a BioBloom Hair strengthening Oil + cleanser kit..

Don't use foundation or eye shadow ... rather i dont own a single piece of eyeshadow kit , i somehow feel bit nasty when i saw a Quartet Eyeshadow from FLORMAR , but the shades of it are so natural and subtle that really touches my soul ... a perfect combination of colours for someone like me ..... will surely try these on few ocassions where I like to dress up :)

The third thing i got is IRAYA Wheatgerm Facial Massage cream ... again a nice one

Also , i got a sample of Cell Renew deep Smoothing Body Lotion from VIVEL....

excited to use all these products.... since i had just got it , cant tell how these products react to my skin .... Will post my experience after I use them ......


somehow i hadnt made many earrings in last months. In  June , when I have to wear my favourite Lucknowi kurta , i have to make something to wear in ears too and then i tried making quilled jhumkas and draw patterns on it ------------ once again inspired by my favourite quiller, jewellery designer Pritesh Ananth Krishnan of Art'zire  fame and her blog can be seen here.This is what i came up with....
This had not been a very clean n clear attempt of drawing few places,it does get smudged up..

Monday, July 21, 2014

Quilled frames

Hello friends!
i promised myself to update my blog with my latest , i am sharing with you certain   frames that i created this June.
first one was a house warming gift and  second one---simple frame

Sunday, July 20, 2014

Quillography again

hi friends
i had been very inactive on blog since last june
Its high time now , i should post something .Its not like that i hadnt created anything but i didnt find to blog about them.So here comes in sequence the various posts in chronological order they had been created.
This had been another quillography attempted ...
Do give ur sugesstions

Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Lulupu Blog Hop

hi friends

Lulupu is having ab amazing year end blog hop and a challenge do click here to know more...
i am in for a blog Hop

Friday, September 20, 2013

Some more Earrings

hi friends!
I somehow realised  i hadnt posted  my earrings on this blog...
so here comes the earrings that i had made since last 1 year:
(P.S : picture heavy post)

Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Some new Quilled earrings

hello friends,

Its been a long time since a typed a post.I actually had been bit lethargic and had not been into much of creations...
had received few orders.... so created few earrings and still few are  pending ....
if you want to purchase any of these please pay visit to my facebook page
 here are few pics of the new earrings that i had created ....
(P.S picture heavy post)