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Monday, September 22, 2014

a name plaque for a company

hello friends
going to share with you a quillography project , that was created somewhere in month of july but due to my lethargic attitude, i didnot find time to put it on blog although FB friends must had a sneak peak.
Well , this one is a name plaque for a company - owned by my favourite brother Vismit Magotra.
this is the original logo
I hope i am able to imitate the digital logo in quilled version.
Although i was very upset with him and had really decided not to talk with him , but his 5 minutes conversation with me in his usual self , makes me forget everything about being naraz and upset. I think thats what a real baby brother effect . love you bro a lot .............. Hope you get success in every field you venture into..

Not boring you people with my love hate feelings for my cutie pie brother, i continue with the details of project.
I had used the very basic quillography techniues here and since the logo contains 16 letters in total. i really have to beehive a lot. It took 36 +24 strips in total to make this logo and 14 hours of work . :)
here's a story of creating this nameplaque in pictures......

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