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Tuesday, August 26, 2014

My August Fabbag

hello friends
was so excited to get my first Fabbag in july that I subscribed for 3 month subscription
and in series of that, I got my August FABBAG yesterday.

 In lovely orange bag, this month we have "All natural, All fab". it contains
  • Kronokare Caribbean Ginger Shower Gel & Lotion
  • Nyassa Hand Cream- Moroccan rose
  • Palladio Be Chic Lip Gloss-Chestnut
  • And a bonus -NYX Eye/Eyebrow Pencil-904 Caramel
Although I missed a free bie Meiji Amino Collagen Skin Glow, which according to FABBAg crew, got stocked out ......  :(

Kronokare Caribbean Ginger Shower Gel & Lotion---- its 60 ml bottle each .Gel is for Rs105 and Lotion is for Rs115
It smells of ginger , which I found a bit overpowering--- an overdose of ginger.I hadn't used it yet .I will decide whether I like it or not after using both . I forget to mention, this is aroma therapy brand .so I think I will like the fragrance after use.

Nyassa Hand Cream- Moroccan rose----30 ml sample .Full size of 145ml costs Rs300
  this one is having a nice flowery fragrance and I love this in an instant I open up the bottle.It has a very nice texture .I am going to give it to mom as her hands dry up after kitchen work...
Hope she will love it.

Palladio Be Chic Lip Gloss-Chestnut---7 ml  don't know the price of it in Indian market as the card I got with this bag is of pallido herbal lip slix but I got a lip gloss.... well no regrets here as I simply love the shade and how it glides on lips............. thanks FABBAG for this awsome goodie.I love this one.

NYX Eye/Eyebrow Pencil-904 Caramel.... Rs295 ....

 I hadn't opened the seal yet and  tried it .It is brown in colour so I cant use it as eyebrow pencil as I got thick black eyebrows ...I will try this as eyeliner as the description says  but I have dark circles and my skin around eyes is darker than rest of face .Generally a brown eyeliner doesn't have any effect on my face .. so a bit of disappointment here...

As for as a whole package -FABABG august version- I simply adore the handcream and lipgloss ......... muaaaaaaaaaaaaaah FABBAg team members for these two goodies


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