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Monday, July 27, 2015

M-Seal Art

hello everyone

Ever since i saw M-Seal art, i wanna try it. But never got a chance . A year or two back, i bought a packet of M-Seal but it remained untouched in my stuff.
And finally an idea struck (As alwayz inspiration came from Pritesh) . As soon as i saw one of her keychain,I thought of making one for my fiance on his B'day.

Gogled about skill and techniques a nd here is my take on M-Seal and KeyChain :
The first one  :  Made the oval base and two  more smaller ovals . On one oval ,I engraved the letter K and merged the letter A with it ,as seen in the below pic .On the back attached  another oval and engraved a heart on it . Coloured the front and back side with pearl colours and attached the chain to it.

I was not happy with the end result. Since it was my first ever trial with M-Seal , it came out to be bit too thick and heavy as it has three  thick layers of M-Seal  and I wanna create another one .
And here comes another , happy with this one ............ the shape , the colour and size all are perfect for what i wished for ....
The second one

Instead of engraving letter K , I rolled M-Seal and tried to give embossed effect by pasting rolled M-Seal in K form on base . Here again , I merged A with it and it symbolises the first letters of our both names ........... K and A....  will soon be trying to create a logo for the same  ..
Along with this key chain , i made an explosion box that i'll blog about in next post.
Do leave your comments ..

PS: these are my source of inspiration . Please click on pics to find way to the super talented Pritesh's Facebook page

this is the Pritesh'S Keychain which inspired me
this is the Pritesh's Keychain which inspired me

and this is the one which inspires me for colour combination

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