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Tuesday, July 29, 2014


HELLO all!
For the first time ever , i am writing a post which is not related to craft  but a makeup kit.
well I am not a person who puts on lots of makeup and go to parlour every now and then .trust me i can survive without visiting parlour (which is just for threading eyebrows which are quite thick and bushy) for weeks together .... hehehe...

But somehow , I ended up ordering a FABBAG for july as somehow shopping relieves you of stress and tension for sometime.... yes . i was over stressed and tense and found a FABAB site and order my bag ........... donot know how much relaxed i felt after that but yes was able to have a sound sleep .

Since , I started quilling and blogging as a stress buster , anyother thing that has helped me in relieving stress for few hours only , deserves a place on my blog . This is what i got in my FABABG

A wonderful purple coloured bag , which came as handy in carrying things while travelling(tested that).... it can contain little bottle of perfume, a lipbalm, a comb, a small purse mirror, a sunscreen lotion  small pack, a tooth brush and small packet of tooth paste and little tit bits like wet tissues etc - enough for day trip to another city.
the contents in it are also fabulous  and are need specific as while creating a profile , the site asks you a lot many questions on your skin type , hair type and problem areas ....

Since my hair are oily and prone to breakage , i received a BioBloom Hair strengthening Oil + cleanser kit..

Don't use foundation or eye shadow ... rather i dont own a single piece of eyeshadow kit , i somehow feel bit nasty when i saw a Quartet Eyeshadow from FLORMAR , but the shades of it are so natural and subtle that really touches my soul ... a perfect combination of colours for someone like me ..... will surely try these on few ocassions where I like to dress up :)

The third thing i got is IRAYA Wheatgerm Facial Massage cream ... again a nice one

Also , i got a sample of Cell Renew deep Smoothing Body Lotion from VIVEL....

excited to use all these products.... since i had just got it , cant tell how these products react to my skin .... Will post my experience after I use them ......

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