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Saturday, July 7, 2012

photo frame

hi all
had seen a lot of handmade frames so thought of lets TRY one....
as my other crafts this one is also a recycled project as i had used an old picture pasted on a cardboard as a base cover and a paper bag which was a part of wedding invitation and gift

 and after that i cut a handmade paper with a slits in it and pasted it on the cardboard box... here's how it looks

after that i pasted the paper bag on my picture with the help of lot of glue and tape(yes, one needs to leave one side unpasted for putting up a picture/snap in it

after dis pasting is done...... i made some handmade flowers and quilled a combed wings(both for first time) for decorating d front side of the frame

the close ups for roses--- the top most one favourite............. are here

this one is at the right side  of the frame n i love it for its spirals hanging down

n here is the left most one


  1. hi,
    its very nice for a starter, good job..