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Tuesday, July 29, 2014


somehow i hadnt made many earrings in last months. In  June , when I have to wear my favourite Lucknowi kurta , i have to make something to wear in ears too and then i tried making quilled jhumkas and draw patterns on it ------------ once again inspired by my favourite quiller, jewellery designer Pritesh Ananth Krishnan of Art'zire  fame and her blog can be seen here.This is what i came up with....
This had not been a very clean n clear attempt of drawing few places,it does get smudged up..
Although ,i m not able to carry it off perfectly but still i give myself a pat on shoulder , as this has been my first attempt of drawing on something as small as this....the diameter of the earring is approx( 1.5 cm )

 Since i have only few hours to complete this earring(a function was planned in a hurry), i have no choice but to go with my first trial only.....
Hope in  next attempts, i will learn to steady my hand and final product will be  way much better..... :)

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