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Saturday, January 5, 2013

A gift for kavya

Happy New Year to all of you crafter friends.

Well the winner of  " 100 likes on Facebook page " --  Kavya has really waited a long to get her gift ..........
first i broke my ankle and then was busy with college and then school work ......with the onset of winter vacations, I sat down  bearing the cold chilly weather of jammu, and made a bracelet and earrings to compensate the delay , along with a photoframe ... the decoration on photoframe clearly shows that I had planned to send her this on Christmas .......but :(
Finally with the advent of 2013 , I mailed her - her much awaited gift
Since today the gift had been delivered on its address, I am sharing  it in front of you all here

it consists of a photoframe
  a bracelet

and earrings.

 Kavya herself is a genius in Crafts , I hope she will like it and many many thanks to dear Kavya and all the other followers of blog and of FB page for making me reach here  ---3,306 views on Blog and 123 likes on FB ( i know its not such a big number to brag about but to  me it means a lot)
 since i had literally entered into 2013 crafting ........... i hope this new year will bring new creative ideas and God give me energy to turn those ideas into reality( i cant tell you how lazy i can get sometimes)


  1. wow lucky kavya,stunning gifts.

  2. Thank you soo much!!! I love them a lot!! My fav colour is purple!!! ty a lot!!

  3. thanks kavya............ i m pleased that u like it n more to know that ur fav colour is purple