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Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Tutorials i love

Largely i am inspired a lot by wonderful crafters like Pritesh and Dr.Sonia and many other crafters whose blogs i follow... i am not a creative person... the ideas dont stirke me but i get inspired by wonderful work of other crafters... i am self learnt and internet learned crafter.... the only craft that i got training in ,  is METAL EMBOSSING... the rest of all are learned by looking at work of other crafters....n few very good tutorials on youtube and blogs of fellow crafters....although i had forgotten the links of many but now i had decided to put together whatever i found interesting and inspiring .You can also find a lot of useful tutorials on the blogs of Dr.Sonia as well on Pritesh....
well, here is a list of some useful tutorials  :
  •  Susan's bee hive tutorial
this one is a fantastic way of filling up quilled creations and everytime I use it , thank and bless dear Susan for inventing and Pritesh for making me aware of this trick
  • cascading loop

  • royal flower
  • noodle flower

  • how to make a quilled jewellery 

  • origami box from old wedding cards posted by Sugandhi of DAYDREAMS 

  •  explosion box tutorial by going buggy

  • Pritesh's Santa Claus tutorial


  1. Thanks so much Naina, for reposting about the links. I'm happy I can share my knowledge with people :)

    1. thanks dear........... u know i am BIGGEST FAN of urs....

  2. So sweet of you!! ANd metal embossing has been on my wish of to share your work and experience
    And Thank You for being so sweet and giving the shout out!!

    1. thanks Dr.Sonia Mam, i love ur work and tutorials